Aspects of Heraldry


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A member of the then Leeds Heraldry Society, Alan Blakey, was concerned that once lectures had been given to the Society there was no permanent record of them and all the research that had been involved in the preparation of the talks was lost. To ensure that such a record was created, Alan started 'Aspects of Heraldry' and it is still being published. In the early years 'Aspects' came out on an occasional basis but it has for many years been an annual publication.

The range of articles that have appeared has covered almost the whole spectrum of heraldry and there is a brief index of the material that has appeared in the issues published to date.

All issues of 'Aspects' are available as is a very useful and informative booklet entitled "Heraldry from its Historic Origins" by the late High Murray,who was a member of this Society.

The prices of the journals are:

Heraldry from its Historic Origins £2.00 per copy

Aspects of Heraldry

Nos. 1 - 4 £2.00 per copy
Nos. 5 - 12 £2.50 per copy
Nos. 13 & 14 £3.00 per copy
Nos. 15 & 16 £3.25 per copy
Nos. 17 - 20 £3.50 per copy
Nos. 21 - 23 £4.00 per copy
Nos. 24 - 32 £4.50 per copy






To purchase any of the above please write to the Society's Editor and Publications Manager:

David M. Krause, Hon.F.H.S.
6, Corrance Road,

Please add 50p. per copy to cover postage and packing and make cheques out (in sterling) in favour of Yorkshire Heraldry Society